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Hey my Loves,

Here are my monthly favorites for this month:

1. YOU! I made the most important and scariest decision to focus solely on personal work and Patreon and it scares me so much but you are here and massively supporting me, which I’m so grateful for. Thank you, my Loves <3

2. Foot balm. I still had foot balm from Rituals that I was given as a gift years ago and never used. It’s a calming mint-ish foot balm and it’s so good and I really need it because somehow, my feet and hands are suuuuperdry.

3. Bananas. I’m eating a banana every day and I still am not tired of them haha. I don’t know why I’m craving bananas so much even.

4. Caudalie firming serum that my mother gave me. It actually helps to give me a more refreshing look.

5. My brother Simon. He’s been here so much for me, came to kickstart my car when it broke down, he has accompanied me through my mental breakdowns and comforted me with his kind words. He’s a true blessing in my life and honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do without him.

I hope you like my monthly favorites this month! Did you have a particular favorite this month?

Lots of love,


Prudence <3