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Hey my Loves,

Another month has almost passed by so here is another monthly favorite illustration for y’all!

1. Sakura Micron 003: I love these sizes since my usual Copic Multiliners don’t have these sizes. I also have a 01 size and I think I might love this one even more as the lines are so fluent.

2. “Quit” coffee time: I meant “quiet” omg.. so I didn’t quit coffee. At all. No worries! But I like my quiet coffee time in the morning when the world is still asleep.

3. He’s Just Not That Into You (book): I haven’t seen the movie but LOVE the book! Guys, this is such a funny and eye-opening read! I swear! You need to read it if you have the chance (and if you want to of course :D)

4. My inspiration: THANK GOD for its return!

5. A Fjällräven bag: I don’t own one, but I love them so much as they seem to be the best accessory for every illustrator out there (and I see a lot of fellow illustrators have on where they keep their sketchbooks in and it just seems like such a heavenly thing to own)

I hope you like this month’s favorites!

See you again next month for another one 😀

Love you!