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A letter to those people who decide on the jeans sizing

jeans sizing

A letter to those people who decide on the jeans sizing

We are 2021 getting closer to 2022, tech is getting fancy, cars drive and park by themselves, it’s an AMAZING world we live in! THOUGH when shopping for pants or jeans, somehow I still can’t trust the sizing of them. I purchase jeans, then hope they last a long time, only to be devastated when they’re all worn out. And not because I liked them so much, no, because it’s hell to find new ones that fit as good as that rare one you found months or years ago.

So then if you’re very lucky, you remember the brand, or the shop you got it from, you remember that name they give each fit as if it’s going to be your best friend, and go back to grab jeans in that EXACT same size, in the EXACT “Audrey” fitting you got it in last time, only to find IT DOES NOT FIT.

SO people-who-make-jeans, WHOEVER you are.. please hear me out and trust me on this: your next invention can be something like.. I DON’T KNOW.. UNIVERSAL SIZES?????!!

Thank you so much,

Sincerely yours,

Prudence and all the other women on the planet!



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