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Hey my Loves 💜,

Happy new year! 😱💜 how did you spend the new year?

I had a nice evening with my brother, boyfriend and Rochie 🐱 eating together and chatting a bit about the past year 😍💜

This month I have a buncha new things for you 😍


– early access to my comics, prints and artworks and a new Art Club challenge!


– two podcast episodes being:

January episode 1: my 2021 resolutions and goal setting that actually works (proven by yours truly)

January episode 2: getting rid of the guilt that comes with self care

– A new drawing on demand circle illustration (digitally downloadable without watermarks), and its digital downloadable coloring page (printable and a line work file to use digitally)

– new wallpapers:


– a new 10% discount code to use on every order in the shop 💜

– a new sticker pack:


– I’ll be making new comics with you where I will feature you 😍

to the 90’s Kid Patrons:message me here on Patreon with the themes you’d like me to feature you in 😍


I’ll be making a brand new care package for you that contains:

– a physical colouring page

– the wallpapers as an originally handsigned Care Package exclusive print

– a personalized handwritten letter from me to you on Planet Prudence letter paper in a envelope that I originally handlettered.

– 5 miniprints of my comics, all originally handsigned as well!

I hope January will be amazing and this year will be the best one yet for you 😍💜

Sending you lots of love and a big 🥰


Prudence 💜