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Hey my Loves,

Here are this month’s monthly favorites. The month has already flown by just as any other month the past year.

1. The Wacom One Wacom sent me: I love this tablet cause it feels like only a small transition going to digital coming from an always and forever traditional artist.

2. Soy Milk in my coffee: for some reason I can’t deal with dairy anymore. I break out and have major belly aches when I drink regular milk now. Anyone else had this all of a sudden?

3. Vitamins for my acne: They actually seem to work 😮 I can’t believe this! I’m so happy! My breakouts are less (unless after I ate some cheese 🙁 )

4. My new found love for sketching: Somehow I found a way that makes sketching a lot faster. I first start of with a suuuper rough sketch that builds up the pose and positions, have my kneading eraser ready to erase the hardest lines as if making it more transparent (this is what I do on digital) and then make e proper sketch on top of it.

5. All your love and support <3 : you guys are truly the best and I love you SO much! <3 thank you for being here and allowing me to create more and focus on my personal work instead of not being around online for our community and instead have to work for businesses that work unfairly with artists <3

I love you guys <3 have a happy weekend <3


Prudence <3

What are your favorites of this month?