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Hi my loves,

I’m writing this from my bed. Why? Because I have a maaaajor headache today. It’s so bad I can’t barely stand the light. I also have nightmares again, it started somewhere before the weekend.

I try not to overthink this too much, but I’m scared that I’m in some way overworked? Could it be that? Or do I just have another episode where my PTSD and depression symptoms are getting worse? Is it my period that’s getting a hold on me? I have no idea.. I just know that it gets me in bed again for the longest time. And I’m more than annoyed by it.

I really love(d) this illustration, and again, you guys, it will be for sale tonight on my shop as a limited print!

I’m proud to see my progress in these illustrations. And even though I enjoy these a lot, they also stress me out a lot because I feel the pressure on my shoulders to get it done everyday. I can deal with deadlines but it’s usually for a project that has to be done by a certain date. It’s never 31 things in a row every day 😂. But I’ll pull through. I’ll be fine and I’ll be doing each one with the same amount of love!

I hope tomorrow will be better health-wise. I don’t want to be stuck in bed anymore, I don’t want nightmares and I don’t want to be tired all the time again. I want to be healthy and work and draw and read and enjoy the time that I’m awake 😍.

How are you guys doing? Also, do you journal? I like to journal, but I don’t do it daily. I need to make this a habit though, because it gives me lots of joy and relief and it carries me to a certain stage of alignment.

Enjoy your Monday and don’t be too hard on yourself 💜

Lots of love!!