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Hi my loves,

Another day has gone by again. Whyyy do they go by so quickly.

I dedicated today on working on Inktober (the rest of the drawing), then I also did my groceries, which I hate, I went and visited my dad, and tonight I’m going to draw a little more.

So first things first: this morning started TERRIBLE. So I finished the drawing and decided that I also want to post a comic I made before each day for the month of October. So that people who like my comics and not so much my Inktober drawings, can come and visit Planet Prudence for comics as well. I’m going to upload them here on Patreon as well. They’re some of my favorites and I picked out a small collection of 26, because there are only 26 days left this month (haha.. “only”, not when you’re doing Inktober, I swear haha)

So I go on my external hard disk to check in the folder where my comics are.. aaaand the folder was suddenly corrupted and was GONE.

I searched hours and hours to get back this folder, I scanned my hard disk and everything but it was gone..

Luckily I came to the realization that I could possibly have made another back up on another hard disk, which was the case. They are all really messy in this folder though, but I think they’re pretty much all in there.

I did my groceries.. FINALLY. I was out of practically everything haha. And I’m someone who checks promos so I saved around €30 today! I did however spent quite some time checking it all out and I did ALL the stores in the city. But I think I’ll be able to survive for another two weeks now HAHA. I hope..

I also visited my dad. I love how he’s always so happy to see me. And the other way around of course. He’s adorable. He’s my dad, so I’m biased on that matter. But it was nice to see him of course.

Later today, I came home, exhausted and with a huge headache because yea.. it’s that time of the month again.
Tonight I’m going to make dinner and draw a little more on Inktober sketches in my sketchbook. Before I do the “nice” sketch on the watercolour paper, I first make a rough sketch or little thumbnails in my sketchbook.

What are your plans for the weekend? I also posted about questions for this month’s Q&A for my Patrons, so make sure to check out that post and let me know your Q’s!

This illustration will also be available as a limited print on the shop <3

Lots of love,