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Hii my Loves,

WE DID IT!! We’re done with Inktober and I updated you daily, and I made 31 illustrations! I cannot believe that I did all this!

What a journey.. What an experience! I’m going to talk in details in the next Q&A video I’m going to make on Friday (and normally also upload on Friday)

I put a lot of pressure on myself, and let’s face it, it wasn’t an Inktober, it was more like a Paintober or something like that. It took me so much time daily! And I do find myself in a very bad health at the moment. I’m not going to say it’s because of Inktober, but probably because of the stress I gave myself over it. Not wanting to miss anything, working every day of the month. Not giving myself the time to recharge and rest and struggling with health in the mean time being too stubborn to give up.

Yesterday something weird happened to me. I woke up from a noise, which isn’t possible because I sleep with ear plugs and they’re pretty good. So I wake up and see a hooded creature, which really looked similar to the Grimm reaper. I panicked and turned on the light and it was gone. I thought I was going insane, then I asked around on Instagram and apparently it’s something like hypnagogic hallucinations, which can be caused by depression, stress, lack of sleep or being too deep in the REM sleep at the time you wake up.

It’s pretty awful and I could barely sleep last night because I refused to take my sleeping medication in case it was because of that. When I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to get some sleep again, it all happened again so I woke up instead with only 2 hours of sleep.

I hope you guys are doing better!

I’ll focus on Patreon and commissions from now on, and see where I get in terms of comics. I don’t want to pressure myself too much over having a new comic daily, instead I want to make them when I feel like making them, and enjoy the process. However, I’ll be very active on here still.

Soo.. this is my final piece and my Inktober 2018 masterpiece! I think this is the prettiest one I made, with everything I’ve learned over the month captured in this illustration.

I’ve had a blast.

I’m going to miss talking to you and will probably just keep updating you from time to time just because I like it 😀 <3 I’m sure I’ll miss it like crazy!

You guys are the best, and I hope to see you again in November <3

I love you, my Loves!