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Hi my loves,

Today was a productive day. I painted all day and already made sketches for the upcoming prompts as well, so I’ll have time to first do my orders in the morning.

Tonight I’m also going to draw a little on Patreon comics for me to post pretty soon as well. I look forward to posting them soon. I am drawing a lot lately, and even though I told you yesterday that I kind of lost my motivation, I didn’t lose inspiration. I kind of struggle with dark thoughts and doubts that go with the job, not with the art itself.

I do love my job, I am so grateful to be able to do it, and I’m beyond grateful to have all of you in my life. It’s such a lovely journey.

I do miss making comics still. But I love how productive and focused I am from doing Inktober. It’s something new and I discovered something new technical wise while painting.

Okay so let me explain in the best possible way here: when I use watercolors I often just let it dry as it is. I now paint suuuperwet and then dry off my brush and soak up the wet paint on the paper. That’s how I got my heart in the background so nicely smooth. I always love that effect when I work with markers. I especially love painting with watercolors a lot more now that I discovered this.

This illustration will of course also be available as a limited print tonight on the webshop after I posted it on Instagram.

One thing I discovered today that I absolutely hate is that I NEED to go get groceries.. I ran out of things like eggs, bread and cheese. Those are 3 things I desperately need.. so there’s no way around it that I have to go to the supermarket tomorrow or the day after.

Thank you all for your kind words and love on my last post <3 it makes me so happy to read!

Also, thank you to the people who already purchased something on my shop! Patreon and the webshop are now my main sources of income. And I’m also taking up commissions again starting from the end of the month, since I promised myself to invest time on Inktober first and develop my art style a little more, I need to draw a little faster with no loss of quality because I draw SLOOOOWW haha!

Also, I’m trying to have some time for myself now at the evening. Because I actually spent hours and hours awake at night the past couple of weeks and I have to suffer from that now, being sad all the time and tired. So I’m now reading for at least a half an hour before going to bed. I’m currently reading Wintergirls, which is about a girl who has an eating disorder and just lost one of her friends probably to it (I’m not at the end of the book yet).

Thank you guys for reading all of this. I hope you have a lovely day/morning/evening and I love you all so much, you know that, right?