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Hi my Loves,

today is a special one. Friendship is really important to me, and being a freelance artist can be quite the lonely job. But even though, I haven’t felt lonely for the longest time. I have you guys, I love my job, I don’t mind being in my own company anymore, but I do want to specially thank my best friend, Quinten.

In the very start, people laughed at him for wanting to be my friend. And at first, I didn’t know what to expect, because at that time I didn’t even know why anyone would want to be my friend so much? We started to share jokes and enjoyed the good times. But when I became ill, went through hardship, got better and soon after went through a breakup and had to put my all into work (because well.. I had to do it all on my own now), he was the only, single friend who kept supporting me, stood by my side, was there when I needed him, appreciated everything I did while everyone else turned their backs on me. He is the only real life friend I would move mountains for. He is the only one who knows everything about me and I appreciate his daily efforts, his loyalty and friendship. Thank you for showing me the meaning of true friendship, Quinten!

I also want to thank you guys here, because real life has been so tough and I found a new home on here. First on Instagram, but on a deeper level also on Patreon. Thank you for all your love, commitment, your support and your loyalty <3 it means the world to me.

I actually woke up this morning around 4.30AM and I couldn’t sleep because I had somewhat of a belly ache. So I started drawing and I ended up working on commissions already, then did my Inktober, replied to emails and did my orders, then did some administration work and replied a little more emails.

Tonight I’m going to post this baby and another post about my commissions, because I’ll be doing a lot of them this month since Christmas is coming up and I also need to earn some money of course haha. And since Inktober is done, I’m back to working on commissions. Which I really love!

Hope your Monday went well <3

Love you all so much!

PS: I haven’t been able to do my Q&A yet. I wanted to keep it for the end of the month, but now I’m all day in PJ’s, my body being a pain in the ass and I just hope I’ll make it before the end of the month with the Q&A :'(