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Hi my Loves,

Today’s Sunday, which means tomorrow’s Monday -riiiight, Prudence. I kind of look forward to the new week and we’re expecting rain here in Belgium, which always makes me calm when I’m inside and gives me a better focus. I’m weird, I know.

It’s almost the end of Inktober, you guys. Can you actually believe I made it this far already? I’m kind of proud about it, and don’t want to brag, but gosh wow..

Today I didn’t do much. My dad came by, which I liked. And I’m also taking care of myself a little bit since I’m still feeling under the weather. I turned on the heat, took a blanket, did some drawing,.. I liked it. I’m going to order some new packing material later (cause I’m running out of some envelopes). And I also need new paper to make my prints.

I will also work on a commission I’m sketching at the moment, make an Inktober post tonight and that’s about it for the day.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow, enjoy your Sunday evening you guys!

With all my heart, and lots of love <3