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Hi my Loves,

How are you doing today? It’s Saturday! YAYY

My best friend came to visit me today and while we were talking, I finished this illustration. He actually said it was nice to smell pencils again haha. Of course I had to agree cause the smell of pencils is just an instant moodbooster.

I’m going to watch Brave later with him, which is self care for me, because I haven’t seen my friend in a couple of months because I was way too busy with work. And he’s the only one that appreciated my hard work and never even thought about leaving me as a friend. He never even made a problem of it. He just supported me daily and I appreciate it so much! Also, Brave will inspire me so much to draw again. Animated movies always have that impact on me.

The food subject for this illustration was very easy. Cause pizza is life. And the pepperoni looks so reallll. I’m very happy with the result. Also, did you notice the cheese colored panties?

Hope you’re having a great Saturday so far <3