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Hi my Loves,

As you know I had to go to Bruges today so I made this one yesterday already. I loooove this one and experimented with the bubbles and used masking tape for the white spots.

The meeting went well and they bought a couple of postcards for a try out to sell at their shop. I’m very excited and hope that they do well and that people love them the way you do <3 that would be amazing.

I don’t have anything more to say about today, because I didn’t manage to do anything else besides that.

Omg something else! It might be a weird question, but is it me or do people actually like my nude drawings? Misti (who is also a Patron) told me this today, but I also see that the nude illustrations are sold out so quickly. So I purchased a new sketchbook as well today with thinner paper, and a bit cheaper as it’s study material, just to study poses and such.

Hope you have an amazing evening! I love you all so much!