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 Hi my loves,

How are you doing today?

I just had a cup of soup and I’m about to wrap it up for the day. Except for the posts tonight.. Might look into that otherwise I don’t have any posts and that wouldn’t be cool.

So I made shop orders, made the care packages, went to the post office to ship them all, I also did tomorrow’s Inktober which I loved to do very much. There’s white shining in the bubbles, I did with masking tape. And it was a risk, because the tiny bits are so small. But it worked! I also made the featured comic with Bibi.. and yes I woke up at 6am. I had so much to do and only so little time so I just went for it. Sadly though, my health just doesn’t seem to get better. I felt it for weeks now and it gets worse but only step by step. It just doesn’t break through and it kind of bums me out because how long is this going to last.. ugh

I have to go to Bruges tomorrow to demonstrate my postcards, and I’m really excited so I made two Inktobers today. I partially did this one last night, which is the sketch and part of the inking. LOVELOVELOVE this one.

I accidentally uploaded tomorrow’s already before and messed up my entire update because I was confused about which one it was for today hahaha. So sorry if you received two emails about them! But I both did them today so I’m going to upload tomorrow’s Inktober tomorrow so it goes along with the dates 🙂 okay well.. go to sleep, Prudence

This day was long, and I’m going to enjoy some spaghetti and some reading tonight. I might do some drawing for a project I have to finish the sketch of this week, but other than that.. nope. I am exhausted.

I love you guys so much, enjoy the rest of your day!



By the way: it’s been soooo long since I last had anything similar to a massage, spa day,.. do you guys do this often?