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Hiii my lovely Familyyy,

How are you doing today?

My day has been productive so far. I’m painted a lot and made some drawings. I already opened again for commissions to begin after Inktober and have them done for Christmas.

I love doing client’s commissions and I already had some response on them. That’s so great! I think it’s quite similar to what I do for Patreon. Oh and tomorrow I’ll ship the care packages by the way!! 😀 So they’ll be on their way soon. I decided to go to the post office tomorrow, so people who order tonight can still place their order. That’s why I didn’t ship the care packages today ^-^

At the end of the month now, I realize it has been quite the work with Inktober. But everyone is so nice about the illustrations, that it gives me so much joy after all and the hard work pays off in that way. I will be so happy to get back to comics though.

I experimented a lot with props and poses during Inktober and I just can’t wait to use my new knowledge in the comics!

I hope you had a lovely day.

By the way: I’m reading The Four Agreements at the moment because I really needed some self care. So far, it has truly been enlighting.

Lots of love,