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Hi my Loves,

How are you today?

Today has been sooo busy for me. I had to go outside UGH you know how much I hate this, right? I forgot eggs on Saturday, when I did my groceries, I had to go to the press, had to fill the tank in my car and spilled gas on my hands, haha! Typical Prudence..

Normally I do all my “outside appointments” on Monday. But since I only could go to the press today, and I needed the new cards, I had to make another appointment on Friday as well. I get the chance to demonstrate my prints and postcards (not the limited prints of course) in a shop in Bruges near de Grote Markt. Which is great and veeery touristic! So I’m very excited about that.

Okay so today I also did some orders I received over the weekend and I painted this baby. Which I thought turned out so funny haha. After I shower, my hair is always a mess and such a struggle to untangle. It usually takes me about an hour to get it untangled and dry. I have straight hair, so I can’t even imagine what curly haired people have to go through.

I will make the care packages for Patreon later this week, since today has been so exhausted and I have to get through a bunch of mails. And of course, I want to pay my full attention to it.

By the way.. can you actually believe I already spent 22 days in a row painting with watercolours?

Lots of love, and see you tomorrow!