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Hi my loves,

I hope your Sunday is going great!

Mine has been good so far. I had a nice meal today, sat in front of the tv watching catfish, and did some drawing. I didn’t do much and honestly, I haven’t been feeling that well either lately.

Tomorrow I have to go out to do work related chores such as going to the press to get my postcard stock renewed, I also have to do orders, go to the post office and do emails I received over the weekend. For me, this is like “get it all done on Monday” haha. I don’t know why I do this, I just don’t want to save this until the end of the week, you know?

Otherwise, you know, it was Sunday, I had fun and it was relaxing. I read a little in my book (which I’m going to finish in a bit) and I’m going to journal a little before going to bed.

I had a great time making this illustration, even though it’s not the most positive subject to work with. It turned out kinda cute.

Lots of love, and see ya tomorrow <3