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Hi my loves!

How are you doing today?

So yesterday evening I noticed that my wrist was hurting. It started to get worse so at a moment I really thought I would have to go the ER. But I didn’t notice any swelling so I decided to just go to bed and take a painkiller.

This morning, it was still there. Yet, stubborn as hell as I am, I made this drawing. I’m not veeery pleased with it though. I wanted more expression.

I’m also a bit disappointed in myself because the shop doesn’t seem to do well this week 🙁 I am so anxious that I’m doing something wrong. You would tell me right, if I did?

I’m going to end this anxious letter/post with a big thank you for being here. I appreciate it so much and I wouldn’t know what to do without you! Honestly <3

Love you so much and enjoy your Saturday(evening)