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Hi my loves!

How are you today?

Gossshh I worked a lot today and I have a major headache now. I’ll better take it easy tonight. 

I LOVED drawing this and I’ll upload the sketch of it in a minute! She’s proud of her body and I like how she looks so muchhh!

Okay so before the weekend, I have LOTS of work to do still. I will definitely reply to your lovely comments on here, and the messages of course! I also have to reply to emails before the weekend, and I’ll go to the post office one more time tomorrow. Other than that, I’ll finish tomorrow’s featured comic and will try to do some drawings for myself.

I’ll also try to upload and send all things regarding Patreon, like the wallpaper, exclusive comic and care packages. I don’t know if I’ll be able to already record the Q&A but I’ll try to do this asap!

Also.. an update on my health is that I have a feeling that my body is completely shutting down. My digestive system doesn’t seem to be in a good place and just not working at all, I have major headaches and I’m so tired all the time. Oh and the nightmares are still there.

I did go back to journaling and doing relaxation yoga poses a couple times a day. It did help when I did them at noon to make the headache a little less painful.

Love you so much, you guys!