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Hi my Loves,

How are you today?

It was a busy day for me. It was surprising but it was also quite productive. I meal prepped for today and tomorrow’s lunch, then went for a walk and cleaned my car because it was all covered in leafs. Then I had some lunch and worked on my Inktober drawing.

I chose this black and white/colored theme because there is always a bright side and a downside when it comes to work. I don’t usually see the bad sides, because honestly, I’m madly in love with my work. But obviously I don’t like making ends meet, tight deadlines, and very detailed and long, impossible to understand a word of, business mails. But gosh do I light up when doing all the other things on the job.

I first thought I would have a lot to tell you today, but turns out this was my day so far. I’m going to eath delicious spaghetti later (with lots of cheese cause YUM!).

Oh, I also packed some more orders that came in the last two days. I enjoy them a lot lately, cause I love to see the diversity in what is ordered and I don’t think I’d ever be able to give this job up to someone else (packing orders I mean), but you know.. I can’t stop to dream about working together with someone and sharing the work.

Imagine the time I could spend on drawing alone if that were possible.. 😮

Alrighty.. So I’m taking off for today! Hope your day was awesome <3

Lots of love,