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Hiii my Loves,

How was/is your day going?

Okay so my day was omg.. it was hectic.

First of all, I replied to all my emails. And there were A LOT. My publisher sent me an email that he saw someone in Miami wearing my tshirt. I mean.. WHAAAAT that is so cool! Oh and he loves my idea for a new book! So hopefully I will be able to tell you more about that with the new season. But the plans and the ideas are there, so I’m excited!

I also received 14 orders over the weekend! Which has never been that much, and I just.. I was so happy! How did that happen? I’m actually so relieved that my webshop is finally being picked up now that there are new cards and postcards available and people really seem to love them! How great is that?!

I will definitely make new designs in the future as well, but first things first. Inktober. Today’s prompt was heartbreak. And I’ve had so many heartbreaks in the past. Being disappointed, being dumped, losing friends and people you trusted. So this one was definitely not difficult to make. And the heart itself, it heals you know? It gets better. But the pain you had, the memories of that pain. They never really go away. They always linger when you meet the next guy, when you start trusting someone again for the first time in forever. It takes courage to overcome that pain. And I wanted to portray that strength in her eyes. I hope you see what I mean.

Another fun thing that happened today. You know, the chair I’m sitting on? It’s one with wheels, very comfy and sits quite soft. My cat, Rochy, loves it. She’s on there all night and once I turn my back, she’s also on there as fast as she can.

So she cried all morning for her chair. Until noon. I heard her piss on top of her covered litterbox. On the HANDLE! I was soooo mad. She looked straight into my eyes and she kept doing her business! I was like “ROCH ARE YOU SERIOUS WTH” and when I picked her up, she continued pissing on my feet!!! Thank God I didn’t shower yet. Oh and the litterbox was clean by the way. She was just angry at me for the chair. This never happened before. I’m so disappointed in her. So it took me quite some time off the day to clean the top of the litterbox as well.

I just noticed that there are some fresh email that just came in.. Wow. I think today will be an administrative day haha. Guess I can go back to drawing when everything is done!

I do have some Patreon messages too, which I will reply as well. But I love those! Most emails are solely business, and I always feel weird to reply them because often times, I have to say no to people. And I don’t really like saying no. But you know, I try to do what’s best for me and Planet Prudence.

Ohh and this weekend, I worked on a new Patreon ad to show on Instagram! I know ads can be a bit annoying, but I have and will live off of my work. I love Planet Prudence and Patreon and I am actually planning on blogging on here as well! Like I will continue my blog like I do now. Only not daily, but probably 3 times a week 😀

LOVELOVELOVE you guys! Enjoy the rest of your Monday <3