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Hi my Loves,

How are you doing today?

Today was election day, so I went and did my duty and voted. I was so proud to have actually voted. I don’t think I really wanted to express my voice when I was younger.

I was planning on doing a little walk in the forrest, but I’m also this human being who gets sick once I go out, so this morning, I went and bought some veggies (because I had fries two days in a row, since I got asked out yesterday -it was a nice evening :D) so I will eat as clean as possible for the next days -I feel that my body needs it- and I went voting and after all that, I had a feeling that the impressions of all those people in one room was a bit too much for me. I am high sensitive person, and both the supermarket and the election room was so crowded, so I ended up on the couch this afternoon with a major headache.

Luckily I already did a lot of today’s drawing yesterday because I was planning on doing this forrest walk, so today wasn’t too hard work-wise. I kept myself quiet and at ease for the day 😀 it was a good decision after so many impressions in the morning.

Are you looking forward for the new work week?

Love you loads <3