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Hi my loves,

How are you doing today?

So today was euhm.. a cleaning day 😀 I’m going to make fresh fries tonight (which means it hasn’t been deep fried, so straight from the potato) and I had to clean my fryer and in the mean time I also vaccuumed and cleaned my bathroom. It has to happen someday, right?

I also did some drawing -duh. And I didn’t sleep well again. And unfortunately it takes up a lot of my inspiration. But in the afternoon, it was a little better and while drawing on today’s featured comic, I came up with a few other comic ideas for later.

This weekend are the local elections so I have to vote on Sunday and I’m building my entire weekend around it. You know, I have to still do Inktober, right? 😀

This illustration was AMAZING to make! I had so much fun <3 I hope you can already see the progress in my illustrations, because I definitely feel it 😀 I have a better relationship and connection with watercolours.

My Friday night will contain fresh Belgian made fries from the hands of yours truly, steak, a glass of white wine that my parents bought me as a gift from the South of France, and a couple of horror movies. YAYY <3

I hope your Friday is going great as well! By the way, did you notice that I actually have 4 posts for today? 😐

Lots of love,