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Hi my loves,

Hoowww are you doing?

I’m not that happy with this one. I don’t know why.. maybe it’s the yellow tones. But I like yellow, so what’s wrong with me? I think it’s mainly because I had trouble with it in the beginning. The watercolouring didn’t go well and I felt mostly annoyed working on it.

Today was also a hard day in terms of just me being me. I worked from 6.30AM until now, so that’s 11 hours. I can’t even remember that I had lunch, and it’s probably because I didn’t had any. I’m going to enjoy a homecooked meal later today and will have chicken with rice! I look forward to that 😀

Ok so I decided that I take too much of myself since I got a blister on the finger I put pressure on while drawing. I HAVE BLISTERS. Okay.. this is not cool. I’ve never had those and I don’t use any other materials except for the coloring pencils but I’m not using them that much on the drawing.. It’s weird.

I do draw a lot lately and I’m working hours and hours on one illustration so that could be it.

So tonight I’m going to enjoy that homecooked meal and I’ll also read in my book and watch another episode of Rizzoli and Isles 😀 I’m also going to post this one on IG later and I’ll post another throwback comic of course.

Yesterday’s Inktober illustration was sold out within less than 24 hours and I couldn’t be more happy! How awesome is that??!! I’m both happy and proud that my hard work is being loved and appreciated and to be surrounded with such lovely fans <3

I hope you have a lovely evening ahead! By the way: I’m doing this for 10 days already! How crazy is thattt?? 😀

I love you guys!