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Hi you guys!

So here’s my first ever blog post. I’m hoping that I will be able to capture the day as well as it was, as if you spent the day by my side.

So I’m updating you guys in the $5 reward tier. I told you guys this on Instagram last week. I’m so happy to be able to show you my journey!

I have to admit that I was scared AF to start Inktober, scared to not enjoy it as much, scared to not be able to do it (to paint, to ink properly, to keep doing the work because I’m not doing just black and white drawings, or inking, I’m doing THE WHOLE THANG)

So I started sketching some prompts during the weekend (two to be exact). And I transferred them on the Canson Mix Media paper on Saturday. I enjoyed the weekend a little and then started inking and painting on Sunday already, because I had to go the therapist this morning and I had an appointment this afternoon as well. So I had to make sure that at least one was completely done by the end of the day.

I was done with the watercolor by noon. But I messed up a few times. For starters: watercolor bends the paper. I know. I should have known before, so next time I’m taping the paper to a cardboard piece so it doesn’t bend as much. I felt like a toddler trying to paint something.

Then I should have known as well, but since I’m so used to work with markers these days, I totally forgot that watercolors don’t dry that quickly as markers. OF COURSE, Prudence! Please, dear Lord, how can you NOT know?! So I messed up the apples first.

Luckily, thank God, there’s Photoshop! So I was able to erase all the mistakes on the illustration.

I’m happy with the result. The result is electric and cool and I LOVE my witchy Planet Prudence character!

I hate grocery shopping, but I LOVED making this drawing.

The illustration will be sold as a limited drawing for only €12 in the shop tonight when I post the illustration on Instagram.

The prints will be numbered and handsigned. Each day I’ll also add the print to my shop, so people can purchase it as a limited item for all the witch/halloween-lovers out there 😀

Tonight I’ll finish tomorrow’s painting, and make some sketching for upcoming prompts. Oh.. and I’ll eat spaghetti with LOTS of cheese!

Love you so much,