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Hey my Loves,

I’m going on a reposting session on social media but you as my Patrons will be the ones to see my upcoming comics here on Patreon! The thing is: I want to take a tiny break from the pressure of Instagram and enjoy some time writing my book and being inspired and not feel the need to have to post for a little while. You’ll see every new sketch and every new comic and when I make something new, I’ll post it on here <3

It’s also nice to go back and see these comics again, because they give me nice feeling and make me feel inspired again. In a way, they make me feel like I’m allowed to just do me. This doesn’t mean that I’m in a slump, or a rut or anything, I’m just thinking of ways to improve, to make new things, to make new merch and also thinking forward about Inktober.

As for you, my Patrons, I want you to see the comics I’ll be posting in the next few weeks (probably along with other new ones) attached to this post and of course I’ll be posting all your rewards on time as always.

Thank you for allowing me to make new comics, to improve, to write my second book.

I’m here always for you! <3

Love you so much!


Prudence <3