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I’m back + a little gift for you!

i'm back

I took a little break but I’m back!

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I had considered taking a break for a while now, because I literally felt drained, I felt anxious to post and even anxious to create. I felt like I had so much to do and ended up doing so much and nothing at the same time. I couldn’t draw and had no inspiration or motivation. At one point I made excuses and more non-creative work so I wouldn’t have to draw. I knew I’d disappoint myself and others if I did. I tried, then cried and had one mental breakdown after the other. I knew I was taking on too much and decided I’d had to step back for a bit, let go of work and take some time to recharge. And so I did. It was hard and the first few days I was physically sick of not having something work-related on my mind and having to face my own anxiety and thoughts. But then it slowly but steadily got better and suddenly I picked up a pencil again.

I didn’t really move away from Patreon, but was able to openly discuss my sorrows with you (which I’m beyond grateful for, thank you so much!) and you were so forgiving, it made it so much easier for me to forgive myself as well 💜

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