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Hey my Loves 💜,

I hope you had a good day. My day wasn’t going so well. Even though I received new inks to refill my Copic markers, I sadly only slept for 3 hours last night. I’ve been thinking about so many things and I’m dealing with a lot of anxiety and darker thoughts. I feel like wanting to run, not specifically anywhere, just run away. I had these feelings before. It’s just basically wanting to take a break from responsibilities, myself and everything that worries me but there’s nowhere to run to that I’ve ever feel safer than here, I also realize that. I know that’s not an option, but I try to just hold on and hope for the best and for my worries to turn around into better thoughts.

I hope tonight I’ll have a better night, and obviously I hope your week has started better than mine 💜

Love you guys to the moon and back 💜💜💜


Prudence 💜