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I don’t know how to heal from grief

how to heal from grief

I’m posting the post and journey about my uterine tumor here starting on May 13th (yet this post was made and published on May 10th ’21), as I decided to make this place on the interwebs even more so a home for us all. I decided to not be limited by the word limit or algorithms on Instagram, but share all of my content on my blog as well.

What I posted on May 10th:

My body is physically healing, and it goes without me paying too much attention or effort to it.

I just do what I have to do.

When I talk about my body being in pain, it’s a somewhat visible trauma. I’m in actual physical pain and people can see that. Many people aren’t considering the grief and sadness that comes with having surgery, or being diagnosed with something you weren’t expecting. It caused the re-awakening from my childhood traumas and I remember even more so about them after the surgery. They do say that’s normal though, but that doesn’t change the fact that no one can see that, so no one is considerate of the pain you’re dragging on way beyond the physical pain. I honestly have no idea how to deal with all that.

I went to a regular check-up to see whether or not I’m baby-ready with a painful period I wanted to get checked out. I never expected my answer to whether or not I am given an okay to be pregnant to be “no”. I absolutely did not expect everything that came afterwards.

so, I don’t know how to heal from grief and the sadness I feel, but..

I just do what I have to do.



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