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Hi guys,

I’m just updating you here! I want to tell you that I probably won’t be able to do an inktober this week :(. I have lots of commissioned work + the wallpaper and the video is coming up for Patreon as well. 

And I’m feeling awful today, so everything is going at a slow pace. I hope you guys understand!

I will probably do a regular comic. But then again, it’s humor instead of Hope for one week. And hopefully I’ll be able to just do an extra week in November of Hope!

*** I also wanted to ask you to send me a selfie/drawing/photo of your cat along with your username on Instagram, Facebook or just your name if you don’t have any, with something typed/written on it about why you love being my Patron. I will post it next Friday on my Instagram account. ***

You can send it to me with the subject “Patreon Love” to 🙂 <3

How are you guys doing today?

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend! <3