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Hey my Loves 💜

How are you doing today? I just finished part of my coffee and digitalized 2 comics -YAY! 😍

The Dating one is going to be posted on Friday and the Distance one is featured by @erinroselarkins and will be posted on Monday 🥰

I hope you guys like it! What are your quarantine plans for the weekend?  💜 

Mine are working along on the merch, and maybe practising some illustration skills on Photoshop, illustrate a few more illustrations for my book and draw a bit more outside as well for next week’s comics  💜 also, reading! I’m currently reading Good Vibes, Good Life from Vex King, which is actually a pretty good book and often times he really hits the nail on the head.

I love you guys!!!  💜 


Prudence 🌺