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Hey my Loves,

Here’s the first challenge for you! I hope you’ll enjoy it ^-^

I added the photo reference to this post as well so you can make it as detailed as you want <3

So basically want I want to do with the Art Club is give you something to draw, give you the motivation to start, a little example of how I would make it which you can use as a reference as well of course and a nice and safe environment to share and discuss your art, share your instagram accounts, have fun with it and even ask for advice. We’ve grown to be a nice family of art enthousiasts and such a diversity of skilled people with their own preferred art supplies, that someone will always be able to share their knowledge.

I want to grow this community into more, and make the art community larger. Because art equals love and love makes the world a better place <3

Link to my Discord server (there are also free channels in there for everyone to join, but please use the #art-club one only for our art challenges. Feel free to also share you finished pieces on Instagram on there so we can all check out your posts) : please let me know if it works because it seems to be another link than what it used to be -hihi <3

HAVE FUN GUYSSS!! I can’t wait to see your results!

also: please feel free to use #art-club chat for the drawings you made based on your reference sheets or other art of yours <3 it’s OUR zone <3



Prudence <3