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Hey my Loves,

here’s my February favorites illustration <3 allow me to add a little word to it 😀

1. my bf: it was my bf’s birthday the 25th of February and I really felt why people celebrate other people’s birthdays now. I am genuinely so happy for the day he was born <3

2. Vinyasa Yoga: I do it at home and sometimes with my neighbour, I really love how fast paced it is and the meditative state that it brings me to <3 it’s also not too hard and great if you don’t want to do anything too crazy. I’m not an acrobat so I can’t do too much of the crazy poses 😀

3. The first wild Spring flowers: I did a few walks around the block in the last few weeks and it was so nice seeing the first flowers of Spring in the grassfields. It gives me a lot of joy <3

4. A fresh haircut: I punished myself for not hitting my goal on Patreon soon enough so I told myself I couldn’t get a haircut until I reached my goal. Until I saw that my hair was splitting almost 20 cm up. I decided I couldn’t punish myself for that, and I need to treat myself well instead. 

5. Art supply toolbox: I received an art supply toolbox from Busch & van der Worp and I couldn’t have been happier. It’s really a nice box to put all my art supplies in and keep them safe 😀 <3 

I hope you enjoy this illustration <3 and I wish you a nice start of March <3



Prudence <3