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This is kind of a motivational comic this month. Well.. it’s been a motivation for me at least.

I’ve lost all hope in love over the last couple of months. And I’ve been finding myself thinking lately that hope isn’t lost entirely. I think I’m slowly regaining my trust in love again. I also find strength in friends and you guys these days.

I think a lot less about what hurt me over the past months. And I start to rebuild my own confidence by telling myself that I’m loved and that someday there’s going to be a special someone who will love me back for who I am. Not for what they want me to be. And in the mean time, I do what I love most. I draw a lot, I meet up with people who are special to me, I try to find back the fun part of life and I look forward to new adventures, projects and the joy of living.

Life is not easy, love isn’t easy. I wanted to make this illustration and decided to turn it into a phone wallpaper because everyone can use some inspiration, right? 😀