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My Lovesssss,

I can finally tell you this: Wacom asked me to be their ambassador and gave me a Wacom One so now I can do more digital work with you guys/ for you and learn together on stream! It doesn’t require fancy contracts, just an agreement on a few video’s with extreme freedom and creativity.

Thank you so much! This is a sign I need to do more personal work! We’re getting so close to becoming self sufficient on Patreon 🙏🏼💜💜

Thank you guys so much for being here. Without you, this wouldn’t all be possible 💜 cause honestly, I wouldn’t have time to do it 😭 I’m so grateful for you all 💜



Prudence 💜

Ps: tonight is a bit of a less great night 😭😭. I’m going through bad feelings and anxiety. I do have a bag of crisps though.. cheers 🥔 I hope your night is better 💜

Also: link to the IGTV is here (click on “here”)