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Hey my Loves 💜,

Here’s this month’s drawing on demand. I tried to bundle a bunch of ideas together again which is what I LOVEEEE 💜

Maik-Felix requested something with the sea but that sparked an idea for a future circle illustration with a like and pier.

Finley, Sophia, Zolani, Rhia, Jeanette, Louise and Rachel all wanted rain and cosy vibes so here we are! I hope you like this result as much as I liked drawing it 💜

There is a coloring page to print and a coloring page with transparent background (so only lineart) for everyone who is working digitally 💜 

Feel free to share your results on social media/on Discord and don’t forget to tag me  💜💜💜

Love you SOOO much!!! Enjoy  💜


Prudence 💜