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Heyy my Loves,

here is the finished DTIYS where you can all participate on!

You can post your submissions -if you’re familiar with it- on Discord or on here on the community tab on Patreon as a post. Please also mention along your own IG username handle because I’m going to post every single submission on IG and tag you in it!

This is the DTIYS challenge for all Patrons and Twitch Subs!


– Draw this picture in your own style with your own desired materials.

– Post it either in Discord or on the Patreon community tab as a post along with your IG handle.

– I’ll keep this challenge going until January 15th 2020.

– I’ll post EVERY SINGLE submission from Patrons or Twitch Subs made in either the Discord channel or the Patreon community tab.

– Enjoy!! <3

Love you so much! <3


Prudence <3