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Depression: Our Appearance is not a Reference to our Mental State

depression is not a reference to our mental state

Depression: Our Appearance is not a Reference to our Mental State

I initially made this one from my own experience and feelings, as it usually goes with creating comics.

I want to dedicate this one to you though.

I asked you how you are feeling in my stories earlier this week. Many of you feel overwhelmed, depressed by the pressure of the holiday season, or the new year, expectations and just an overall lack of self-love in the past month (or year?)

I want you to know that I see you.

I care for you.

And your feelings are so valid, no matter how much you hid them over the holidays. I wish more people would realize that our appearance is not a reference to our mental state.

As for the pressure to succeed this year, I’d like to tell you that it isn’t about January. It wasn’t about December, and it won’t be about anywhere in 6 months. Those periods don’t hold any value. Do something you find important to you every single day. For me that’s journaling everyday, reading every single day and finding a work-life balance that works best so I can be productive but can also live my life the best I can. It is making sure my business grows, so I can continue to make art, do acts of kindness and good in this world.

Remember that when we get better, the world and the people around us profit from that as well. Don’t let anyone tell you to push away how you feel. Take care of you.

You deserve to feel the best, and I wish that so much for you!

I love you 💜



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