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Hey my Loves,

Here I am again with this month’s favorites:

1. My new found inspiration: as you may have noticed lately, I’ve been drawing my illustrations with environments and in a circle shape. I really love working on them.

2. You guys <3: thank you for being here and for supporting my work as always <3 you guys truly are my safe haven and Patreon feels like home to me <3

3. Meditation and believing: somehow meditation and belief is something I really hold on to on a daily basis especially now when my mental health is going downhill again.

4. My Polychromos (colored pencils): I use them to add textures to my paintings and I love using them cause they are so soft and blend nicely with my markers.

5. My pink blanky: I got it in IKEA and it’s supersoft and warm and comforted me a lot the past couple of days <3

What were your favorites this month?

I love youuu! <3


Prudence <3