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Custom Art

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Besides my webshop, I also do commissions / custom artwork.

Commissions: what’s the process?

Contact me to tell me what you want. Then I’ll draw a sketch about what you had in mind. Once it’s done, I send it to you and wait for approval. When the sketch is approved, we can arrange a payment via a payment link (it’s as if you would buy something on my webshop) and once the payment is received to my account, I will finish up the drawing. This can take up 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of the drawing.

Once it’s finished, the order will be safely packed and shipped to its destination. You’ll also receive a shipment confirmation in your mailbox!

Interested in a custom made gift for yourself or your loved one(s)? Check below for more info and starting prices!


Custom drawing or portrait of your choice. Starts from €65 with 2 faces and no complex* background.

Planet Prudence

Custom print with Planet Prudence characters. Starts from €65 with 2 characters.

Business Commissions

Business commissions (Planet Prudence comic or an advertisement of any kind) start at €90 with max. 2 characters and no complex* background.

* Complex designs will have it price slightly increased. If you want to know how much don’t hesitate to contact me for a price!

Free shipping on every custom art item!


@ PlanetPrudence

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Copic markers by @buschvanderworp
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Check out the link in my bio because guys, I do need your help and kindness 🙏🏼🌸
Copic markers by @buschvanderworp

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