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Heyy Loves,

I have CRAZY plans for Inktober! First of all: I made the list that I’ll be sharing with you shortly before I post it to the ‘grams later this month! I also made some thumbnails that I would love to share with you soon as well for what I’d like to draw for each entry.

My other plans are:

I’ll be livestreaming each day for the entire month of October on at 9AM CEST/ midnight PST starting from October first. I’ll be giving away one of my 10 limited inktober prints every day to one of the viewers as well and will sell the rest on my shop.

If this goes well and I like streaming, I would love to keep doing it and draw Patreon requests on my livestreams as well! 😀

I hope you like this idea! 😀 you can already follow my twitch channel by the way! 😀

Lots of love,


Prudence <3