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Hi guys!

How are you doing? Are you still happy here? I noticed a lot of people leaving my Patreon page this month, which made me sad and I hope to know what went wrong?

Are there things you want more of? Please let me know <3

My goal is to at one point be able to live off of Patreon. To make artwork and do only that. And making videos of course, to make wallpapers for you, to talk to you more etc,.. just being creative in general 😀 and I’m doing the best I can to keep you satisfied <3

I have this idea (Elizabeth told me this), to open a tier ($15) to give access to a chat on Discord. You can just download it on your phone/laptop/desktop and you can chat with me directly and post your work in it. I will then feature your work (or photos if you want me to), once a month on my Instagram stories. Everyone in higher tiers also get the privilege to talk to me on Discord of course! I think I will open around 30 slots for this (and of course add all the people in the higher tiers)!  This will also be a chat for advice, to just talk, to post memes, just to connect more!

What do you think?