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Hey my Loves 💜,

I hope your weekend is going well already 😍

Here I am with the monthly reference sheets. This month we’re covering clothes and folds, next month I’m going to draw faces from all different sides and perspectives and the month after I’m uploading a reference sheet for shoes. I always found those hard to draw so I thought it might be interesting 🥰

Do you have any other requests for future reference sheets? Also, make sure to download the sheet before the end of the month as these are monthly exclusives.

I hope you enjoy this one and if you have any issues, please always feel free to reach out in our Patreon Discord chat 💜

To connect your Patreon to Discord: go to my Patreon page on your desktop preferably (it doesn’t really work through mobile), then log in and go on my page to “my membership” if you’re scrolling down, you’re going to see a button that says “connect to Discord” that’s what you want to click 🥰💜

Lots of fun my dears 💜

Love you soooo much! 💜💜💜


Prudence 💜