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note: I changed this based on your feedback and I’m so grateful for all your notes and feedback on this, thank you <3 I love you <3

Hey my Loves,

I’ve been getting a question from a dear Patron about the payments of the tiers here on Patreon and I’ve been looking into more information and have had a few people coming on Patreon and either or not getting access to the rewards they’re signing up to, but deleting their pledge before the end of the month. Apparently, the payment didn’t go through then, but they did gain access to the digital platform.

There’s an option here to have Patrons pay the moment they sign up to Patreon. This means that all people who truly want to be a Patron, can sign up here and have access to everything immediately, and get their physical rewards earlier as well!

Also for people editing their pledge to a higher tier, this means they will gain access to the larger tiers immediately.

The only thing is: when I enable this function of being paid as soon as a Patron enters my Patreon page, then there’s no going back.

I wanted to hear your opinions about this here before I change anything. The thing I didn’t know was, that I always sent our the rewards as well and things that are not Patreon bound, as soon as a Patron came in, but apparently there was no payment that came in yet.

More info here: 

Can you tell I’m figuring things out on a day to day basis, still? ^-^’

Anyway, guys, please let me know your thoughts <3

Love you so so much!


Prudence <3

Q: what happens to your subscription?

People who didn’t pay for this month yet, will probably have to pay to still be a Patron instead of having it charged by the end of the month. Of course if this wouldn’t fit, you can always get access again by manually paying your pledge. People who already paid their subscription now, will get all the rewards for this month and your payment will count for March already instead of April (so you don’t have to pay twice, it will just be charged sooner). As an existing Patron, a new payment would go through every 1st of the month instead of by the end of the month.

In this current situation, people are apparently able to up their pledge, gain access to higher digital rewards and posts and can delete their pledge before the end of the month so they didn’t have to pay to gain access to everything. This would change as you would have to pay up front to gain access.