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Cellulite is normal (and cute!)


Cellulite is normal (and cute!)

“Cellulite is normal, not e medical condition”

Cellulite is a skin irregularity that primarily is seen in women and happens when pockets of fat push through fibrous tissue and muscle under the skin. This often starts happening after puberty and is possibly an effect by a change in hormones. Men are not excluded from getting cellulite, though it occurs less often than with women.

We are taught from an early age that cellulite is a bad thing we should be getting rid of. If we were taught that it is just part of our bodies, and that’s that, there would have NEVER been an issue about it. We would look at it like any other part of our bodies. We would just acknowledge its presence like we would our nose or our mouth. But that didn’t happen, did it?

Society taught us that cellulite is something we shouldn’t have, and many of us spend a lifetime trying to reduce it in many ways. We spend time and energy on getting rid of something so normal.

Let’s put this energy into self development and positivity, to self love and compassion towards ourselves. We deserve that SO much.

While scrolling on social media, keep in mind that there are so many people out there editing their photos into what looks most fitting towards societal standards. That sadly includes getting rid of cellulite through photo editing apps. That doesn’t mean that it should stop YOU from loving yours! It deserves all the love because it is 100% human and 100% normal (also 100% cute)!



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