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Breast Cancer Awareness – Breast Check 101

breast cancer awareness

Check your breasts – not only during Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and that deserves all the attention that it can! Breast cancer prevention is extremely important as it reduces the risk of developing invasive breast cancer. I made this tshirt as a way to give back to Think Pink, the non-profit organisation that spreads awareness all year long, and supports people in their entire journey, but also family members of people who dealt with the illness.

I wanted to collect money for Think Pink and offer support, our collective support (cause you are purchasing the shirt and wearing it once it arrives as well, right?!). For every shirt (or Tee) sold, we donate €5 to Think Pink! (I’ll also keep you updated in my stories on how much we collected 💪)

Keep in mind spreading awareness is equally as important! By sharing this post you will help to remind people to check their own breasts and on how to do it.

The shirt is 100% organic cotton and certified fair work 🤌 it’s available in multiple colors and sizes up to 5XL on (the blank brand is Stanley/Stella ) keep in mind that all the shirts will be printed manually so delivery times aren’t as fast as purchasing from a large company BUT if you’re already collecting gifts, it would be a nice gift for your siblings, parents, friends,..

We are stronger together 💜



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