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Hey my Loves!

this is a period in our lives where we’re forced to going back to basics and exchanging our habits, events and social obligations for our hobbies and the things we always loved and actually have the time for again. For some that means going back to drawing and making art.

I understand getting back into art is hard when you have to repurchase new art supplies and don’t know where to start. I listed up a few basics to start getting back into both traditional and digital art. I shared a link where you can find it online and also mentioned the exact one I purchase in the shop I get mine (if you’re in BE, NL or LUX, you can also get it there because I know for a fact that they have it and it’ll arrive safely 😅)

These are actually the first art supplies I started with years ago, except for the sketchbook, but they don’t make my old sketchbook anymore. They changed its paper and sadly it doesn’t work with markers anymore 😥💔 but I found my new paperlove, guys, don’t worry! 💜

Also the tablet is honestly one I got from Wacom and their first -kind of affordable- screen tablet that came out this year. I used another one before but I kinda don’t want to advertise that one since I never really enjoyed drawing with it.

Okay so here we go 💜

Traditional art

1. Steadtler pencil

This is a plain HB pencil from Steadtler. It’s quite a cheap purchase but it really makes you love sketching. Choose HB since that is the most basic one to start off with. It’s just in between hard (H) and black (B) -which is actually soft if you ask me 😅 the pencil can get to a darker shade once you get a B pencil and the higher the number, the darker it can go. The thing is, those are also the pencils that smudge superfast and can not give you a really clean sketch. That’s why I prefer HB pencils or even H. Those mostly get used for architectural drawings or clean sketches.

Good alternative for if you can’t find this pencil (the Staedtler is level supermarket, I mean that’s one you usually find there as well, but this one below is like better quality and I love their colored pencils so would definitely recommend):

Amazon link:

2. Inking pens

Oh I love these Micron pens. I first started off with these, then went to Touch pens (I had to admit I did like them on that particular paper), then used Copic Multiliner (actually also quite like them but those are not the most affordable especially not starting out), and went back to using these all the time. My favorite size is 01, which is perfect to still work detailed and not too bold. Go for 003 if you look into working out a bit more details and working a lot finer.

The good thing about these pens is that they are also waterproof so you can easily use them with watercolour as well. I want to say that you kinda need some time for them to dry and can’t be toooo crazy because let’s be honest, they’re still pens with actual ink, and even though you can use them with markers and watercolour, you also need to make sure that you give it the right amount of time to dry 😅. Play around with them, you’ll see for yourself and you’ll find comfort in them, I can give you that!

Also another good thing: they don’t run out very fast 😱

Amazon link:

3. My 3 first Copic Markers

Those were the colors R20, C-1 and C-3. This is how my work looked like in the supervery beginning with these colors:

Look how I got like 303 followers 😱😭💜

Amazon links:

4. Erasers

If you’ve seen me working before, you know I love to erase a lot and precisely and sketch super clean for which I use these Tombow erasers. The small one allows me to work in tiny angles and work away little mistakes, while the normal sized one just whipes away the entire sketch once I inked my piece. These also don’t damage your paper so much as the more “sandy” ones..×0-5-mm-tombow

Amazon links:

5. Sketchbook

Let me tell you something here: nothing, when it comes to art supplies, has stole my heart more than this sketchbook. It isn’t what I started off with but I wish it was so what an awful person would I be if I would keep you from this 😱?!

I’ve read a lot about Moleskine sketchbooks before I started using it, because I thought it was just too expensive and not really “worth” it maybe. I was wrooooong, guys. This is just perfect warm white paper, perfect weight, smoothness and texture. It also has some kind of unnecessary and useless backpocket that you won’t ever use but I kind of enjoy the possibility that if I would ever need it, it’s there 🤷🏼‍♀️

All jokes aside, this is the perfect sketchbook to combine with all above mentioned art supplies 💜

I use this one:

Amazon link: (I think this is the A5 format but please correct me if I’m wrong, I tried to convert inches to cm 🙈)

Digital art

1. Tablet

I use the Wacom One screentablet and I’m quite happy with the paperlike feeling and the A4 size so I kinda still have the feeling as if I’d draw traditionally. I can connect it to my desktop, laptop and also to Android phones (you might want to check though if it can connect to yours, Wacom has a whole list with the phone that can connect with this tablet). This tablet is quite affordable in its category and works really well. I think the main difference is that their other screentablets, or even iPad, is in glass and the details are in metal or aluminium, this one is made in plastic which probably lowers the cost there, but really, it works peeeeerfectly and I’m happy to have one💜

This is the link to the one I have:

2. Software

I personally prefer to work with Photoshop which you can get through the Creative Cloud or buy seperately at

But apart from the paying software (which is not always easy if you’re just experimenting and trying out what you like), I can suggest you these:



Autodesk Sketchbook

Well, this was my hella long and first ever blogpost. What other blogposts would you like to see in the future? 😍 I hope you liked this one 🙈💜

I really hope I can help and keep you a bit busy with Art Club, extra coloring pages and additional content like this blogpost 💜

I love you guys so much! 💜💜💜


Prudence 💜

Ps: happy drawing (and shopping)

Pps: this post is not sponsored and is my genuine, honest help and advice 💜