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RED FLAG 101: Birth control solves everything

birth control

RED FLAG 101: Birth control solves everything

If you’re thinking this isn’t common at all, let me tell you I haven’t been to one doctor, specialist (except then a psychiatrist) who offered me anything else besides birth control as a solution to my symptoms.

Got acne? Take birth control

Got period cramps? Birth control

Don’t want to get pregnant? Birth control seems to be your one solution

You’re tired? Birth control will solve your problems

Mood swings? Birth control!

Depression? Freaking birth control

Irregular menstruation? Birth control will be the band aid for your issues!

Want to take birth control? TAKE ANY YOU LIKE!


Honestly birth control seems to be the problem solver if a person with a uterus goes to see a doctor. What they don’t tell you is that much more often than not, there’s an underlying problem they don’t care to look for that could get resolved after more research.

Don’t settle for birth control if you’re not comfortable taking it. Find someone who truly wants to help you. 💜 

I had severe period cramps last year and was advised to take birth control. I went for a second opinion and they discovered a tumor in my uterus that needed to get surgically removed.

I have acne that comes out periodically every month around the same time and I get tired around that time as well. I seem to digest a little less than other times and I know now, that’s my body giving me a signal to slow down. I learn to listen to my cycle and my own body. That doesn’t happen with birth control, because we don’t have those natural cycles then.

If I don’t want to get pregnant, there are other ways to avoid that from happening! Birth control is not the only way out of pregnancy.

Mood swings or depressive feelings are often your queue to slow down and self-reflect. But it can also be a sign that something more is going on and you might find a lot of help by seeing a therapist.

Irregular menstruation cannot get solved by taking birth control, especially not if something else is going on. Birth control doesn’t give you a natural flow, nor will it give you a natural menstruation. Your menstruation will technically just be withdrawal bleeding, referring to the withdrawal of hormones in your pill, and in your body. So basically, what the pill will give you, is the IDEA of having a regular period. When I got off the pill after being given the pill to retrieve my period after a stressful time in my life, I had to wait 6 months for it to come back regularly.

If you’re being told that any birth control pill will do the trick and work well, let me tell you a little story on how I once was given this pill by my doctor, and then one year later when I went to another doctor, I had to find out that that exact pill was taken off the market in other countries because it triggered heart failures. That is when I decided I would never go back on the pill ever again.

Don’t let anyone fool you!

Also no hate towards any birth control takers! Everyone does what feels best for them. It didn’t work out for me, but that doesn’t mean that it works perfectly for you! All I want to say is that it’s fine if you ask a second opinion and do some extra research on them 💜 

PS: I am not a doctor, I’m just writing based from my own experience



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