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Hey my Loves šŸ’œ,

I’m feeling a bit vulnerable to share this. I want to first of all address a trigger warning. There are no graphic details but I know some reactions or emotions that I’m going to mention will possibly trigger some people that have gone through similar events. Simultaneously, I do believe this episode can help feel and resolve some issues you may encounter that I had to go through/am going through as well and may help you to better understand and validate your own feelings and hopefully help you surpass another level in your process of overcoming trauma, depression or PTSD.

I’m talking about the effects of childhood trauma. So this is no autobiographical episode, this is not about anything I have encountered, but solely about the feelings and effects I personally experienced, I talk briefly about why sex workers do their job when they had their own history of childhood abuse and why that shouldn’t be related at all, and I also mention red flags that you may need to be aware of with kids to give you a head start when it comes to noticing these in children of your own, or that you take care of. Maybe this way I can help prevent something like this happening to another human being, please share about this episode if you feel like this needs to be heard by others as well šŸ’œĀ 

Was this podcast episode helpful for you? Do let me know in the comments, feedback is always welcome šŸ’œ

Love you guys so much! šŸ’œšŸ’œĀ 


Prudence Ā šŸ’œĀ