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Hey my Loves,

It’s the end of the month and here’s another monthly favorites post! 😀

1. Earplugs: Since my apartmentbuilding has the walls of a cardboard box, I can hear just about anything. I’ve been experiencing a lot more nightmares until someone mentioned earplugs. I used them in the past but then all of a sudden wanted to sleep without them, because sleeping alone with earplugs also didn’t give me a safe feeling. Now I chose just to sleep with earplugs because they do give me a better night’s rest as I’m not that shaky and afraid in the middle of the night anymore.

2. I found my old powerbank! And it’s superhelpful because my superold iphone really is dying. I need to charge it at least 3 times a day and I don’t even have to use it that often to let it die that much during the day.

3. Meeting Tia and Kalea in Bruges: Tia is a Patron of mine and she actually became my friend after commissioning a portrait for her sister, Kalea, whom I was in contact with before I met Tia, and staying in touch afterwards. They’re both amazing and I love them both so much! It was a pleasure meeting up with them and I really hope to see them again very soon! Some people say to me that working alone must be really lonely, but I honestly felt more lonely when I didn’t work alone. I think people just can’t imagine what it’s like to have online friends and family <3

4. Podcasts: I finished an entire podcast this month, which is Crime Junkie Podcast (recommended by someone on Instagram who commented on last month’s crime comic). I’m loving podcasts so much and they help me to be more focused on drawing as well when I listen to them. If you have any more podcast recommendations, please let me know because now I’m finished with Crime Junkie I have no idea what to do with my life hahah 😀

5. My bf’s Netflix account: He is such a gem. He made me one of the users of his account so I can now watch my own series in my own time if I want to 😀 I have been scrolling through it, and I’m now in the process of watching the last season of OITNB, but I’m not ready for the end so I’m also postponing it a little 🙁

How was your month? What were your favorites?

I love you so much!


Prudence <3